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Warranty Policy
Warranty Policy

Shop4Paintball.Com does not provide warranty repair or service for any product sold online. Once an item has been used, all warranty issues must be handled directly through the manufacturer. The contact information for each manufacturer is listed below:

Paintball Manufacturer's Telephone Numbers:

ACI: 877-832-6224
Air America: 847-545-9999
Bob Long: 925-625-7929
Brass Eagle/View Loader: 800-861-6095
Crossfire: 616-344-7600
Custom Products: 480-539-4820
Dye: 858-536-5183
Indian Creek: 208-468-0446
JT: 800-587-2246 x 217
Kingman: 626-430-2300
National Paintball/32 Degree: 800-346-5615
PMI: 847-233-9900
Proteam: 904-439-3600
Shocktech: 708-418-8888
Smart Parts: 800-992-2147
Tippmann: 800-533-4831
WDP: 888-679-4327
Worr Games: 562-407-2898

Special Notes Concerning Paintballs:

Shop4Paintball.Com does not extend a warranty on paintballs. Shop4Paintball.Com is not responsible for any damage that occurs during the shipment of paintballs. All paintballs are carefully examined upon receipt and again before packaging takes place while filling your order. Transit handling and climate conditions can alter the quality of paintballs. Please take temperature changes into consideration when placing your order. Be sure to thoroughly inspect all bags of paintballs upon receipt of delivery. If there does appear to be damage to the paintballs you have one of two options:

If the boxes appear to be damaged it should be mentioned to the delivery agent and noted upon receipt. If this is the case, please notify the shipping agent and file a claim for the cost of the damaged products and shipping expenses incurred. Call UPS at 1-800-PICK- UPS or FedEx at 1-800-GO-FedEx depending on shipping carrier used. Save all packaging for carrier inspection.

Cleaning paintballs is a fairly easy process. You will want to lay the paintballs out on an old towel (preferably white). Remove all of the broken casings and then slowly roll the paintballs with the palm of your hand using a circular motion and very light pressure. Next, transfer the paintballs to another towel and lift the four corners of the towel. As you lift the corners you can gently roll the paintballs back and forth for a few moments. Using the other side of the first towel you should repeat this process and then again on the second side of the second towel. You may need to repeat this process a few more times but this initial process should have them clean and ready to go.